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Map of Walker County, Alabama

Walker County,

Population: 65,342

Jail Capacity: 250-bed facility; average daily population of 225

Walker County, Alabama is a rural community located northwest of Birmingham. According to the US Census Bureau, Walker County is 90.7% White, 6.3% Black, and 3.2% Hispanic/Latino.

Walker County is home to four out of the top 10 Alabama cities with the highest opioid prescribing rates, despite being considered a rural region. Approximately 254 people died from drug overdoses in Walker County between 2008-2017, an annual rate of 38 deaths per 100,000 residents. Walker County’s fatal overdose rate is more than double the statewide overdose rate of 15 deaths per 100,000 residents.

Approximately 40% of inmates at the Walker County Jail have an opioid use disorder (OUD), though the jail does not currently offer medication assisted treatment (MAT) for OUD in its facility. Walker County Jail does currently offer peer recovery support services, faith-based recovery services, and dual services for mental health and substance use disorders. Walker County seeks to begin a sustainable MAT program in its facility using Buprenorphine and/or Naltrexone injections as well as expand education on the benefits of medications for opioid use disorder.