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Map of Hamilton County, Ohio

Hamilton County,

Population: 826,139

Jail Capacity: 1,240-bed facility

Hamilton County, OH is in the southern tip of Ohio, bordering Indiana and Kentucky. It’s a diverse community with a demographic makeup of 67.6% White, 26.6% Black/African American, 3.6% Hispanic/Latino, and 2.9% Asian.

Hamilton County is experiencing the effects of the opioid epidemic like many other counties. In 2017, the fatal opioid overdose rate reached a peak of 570 deaths. In 2021, the rate was 454 deaths where 76% of those had a prior incarceration history at the Hamilton County Justice Center. In addition to the death toll, the opioid crisis has also led to an increase in Hepatitis-C cases in the county.

Hamilton County currently offers medication assisted treatment (MAT) through induction at intake and prior to release as well as maintenance of MAT medication to those who had already been receiving it prior to intake. Moreover, Hamilton County offers peer recovery support services to address the therapeutic needs of individuals with an opioid use disorder. The county was recently awarded a bid to open a 48-bed treatment program called the ‘CARE pods’ in their jail. With the Building Bridges program, Hamiton County seeks to develop a plan to enhance access to MAT within their 48 CARE Pods that will foster recovery and provide tailored services for individuals with substance use disorders.