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Map of Eaton County, Michigan

Eaton County,

Population: 109,826

The Eaton County, Michigan, Jail houses up to 374 inmates and has an average daily population of 250 individuals. Of those, an average of three to five per day are detoxing from substances in the jail. The jail recently saw an increase in the number of individuals suffering with both mental health and substance use disorders among the inmate population. The Eaton County Sheriff’s Office and the Eaton County Jail provide a jail-based residential treatment program for individuals identified as having substance use disorders or co-occurring disorders. Individuals enrolled in the program are required to receive behavioral health therapy and elective medication-assisted treatment (MAT). They also receive case management/reentry services, recovery coaches, vocational/education services, 12-step groups, and faith-based services. Upon release, individuals in the program transition to a community-based program that includes nearly all of the same treatment providers and services. Eaton County used its Building Bridges implementation funding to assist with transitional housing for individuals that were experiencing homelessness and provided peer recovery coaching services for participants in the jail’s Residential Substance Abuse Treatment/MAT Program, as well as administered Sublocade to high-risk individuals just prior to release from the jail and community reintegration.